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Alphabet Tissue Paper Crafts | Fine Motor Skills Activity


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Introduce your preschooler or kindergartener to the alphabet and develop their fine motor skills with “Alphabet Tissue Paper Crafts.”  Each of the 26 printable crafts focuses on a specific letter, while also incorporating new words and beginning sounds.


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Welcome to “Alphabet Tissue Paper Crafts.”  This is perfect resource for preschoolers and kindergarteners to develop fine motor skills while having fun with the alphabet!

This book features 26 printable crafts, each one focusing on a specific letter of the alphabet. Not only will your little ones get to practice both upper and lower case letters, but they will also be introduced to new words and their beginning sounds through colorful pictures.

How to use this book

Ready to create some art? Simply pre-cut some colorful tissue paper or printer paper. Then let the kids get to work gluing the pieces together to complete the picture. Or, for a more hands-on approach, encourage them to tear or cut their own paper and add their personal touch to the masterpiece.

Feeling adventurous? Swap out the paper for dot markers or stickers for a fun twist on traditional crafting. And don’t forget to have them trace the letters and words to practice their writing skills.

So come join in on the alphabet fun with the “Alphabet Tissue Paper Crafts” book and watch your little ones develop their fine motor skills while exploring the world of letters.

Happy teaching 🙂


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Alphabet Tissue Paper Crafts | Fine Motor Skills ActivityAlphabet Tissue Paper Crafts | Fine Motor Skills Activity