-AM Word Family Building Bricks Task Cards


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This book contains a task card building bricks activity for 12 – AM word family words. Children will collect the pieces of building bricks (such as Lego) to build the word shown on the card.



-AM Word Family Building Bricks Task Cards

About this book
This book -AM word family word building bricks (such as Lego) task cards intended for use with children in Preschool, Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1.

Directions for use
SUPPLIES NEEDED: brick base and building bricks, such as Lego, of various sizes
To prepare the cards for use, print and cut along the middle dashed line. Alternatively, you can laminate the cards if you would like to re-use them.

Children count how many pieces are required to build the word and write the needed amount next to each brick piece. They then collect the necessary bricks and assemble them as shown on the activity card to build the word. Once built, children then color the word on the card to reflect the colors that they used. If the card is laminated, children can use erasable markers or crayons.

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