Word Families Fluency Reading Pages


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Each page within the Word Family Reading Fluency packet contains 6 word family sentences and a column of pictures and matching words for children to refer to if they need assistance reading. Each time all 6 sentences have been read, children color a picture to reflect their efforts.


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Word Families Fluency Reading Pages

*** American and Australian spelling included ***
About this Book
This unit contains a set of 24 short-vowel word family reading pages to help develop reading fluency. Each sentence is comprised of common sight words and a word from the focus word family.
Directions for use
Children read the sentences on the page and, after each time, they color an animal. Children should read the page 5 times for successful completion of this reading activity.
Word families included
  1. ab
  2. ad
  3. ag
  4. am
  5. an
  6. ap
  7. at
  8. ed
  9. en
  10. et
  11. id
  12. ig
  13. in
  14. ip
  15. it
  16. ob
  17. og
  18. op
  19. ot
  20. ub
  21. ug
  22. um
  23. un
  24. ut
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