5 Senses Flip Books & Flap Book


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The 5 Senses Flip Books & Flap Book packet contains five flip books, one for each of the 5 senses, in color and black & white. There are also two differentiated worksheets and a flap book.


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5 Senses Flip Books & Flap Book

This digital download contains five flip books, one for each of the 5 senses in color and black & white. Each booklet is accompanied by 2 worksheets for differentiation purposes; the first asks children to write and illustrate the words from their flip book and the second asks children to trace the focus sense word to write 4 sentences from their flip books. For revision purposes, a flap book is also included.
Directions for use
To assemble the flip books, cut out each rectangle, then along the lines of the bottom rectangle. Make sure that the top rectangle is left intact as it will form the base for the flip book! Arrange the “flips” (pages) one on top of the other and staple them to the base. Students will have lots of fun reading their flip books over and over again to friends and family! Once children have finished reading their flip book, they can complete the recording sheet included at the beginning of the unit.
The flap booklet and picture cards are found on the last 2 pages of the unit. To assemble the flap book, fold in half horizontally along the solid line, then open the paper back out and cut up along the dashed lines making sure to stop at the solid line (which should have a crease from folding). Students then cut out the picture cards on the following page and paste them under the correct flap, sorting them out by sense category.
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