Alphabet Coloring Book and Posters | Letters A-Z


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The Alphabet Coloring Book and Posters packet includes pages for Letters A-Z in color and black and white. Additional pages are included for beginning long vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) and beginning soft consonant sounds (c, g). This packet is the perfect tool to help your students learn correct letter formation and beginning sounds.


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Alphabet Coloring Book and Posters | Letters A-Z

The Alphabet Coloring Book and Posters is perfect for preschool and Kindergarten children. This set of initial letter sound posters and coloring pages children they will familiarize themselves with each letter of the alphabet and its corresponding initial sound. 
Each coloring page displays a cute letter character that children can color. A graphic displaying upper and lower case letters with correct formation is also included. For each letters, there are five images that begin with the focus letter. The name of each picture is written under it, and children can highlight, circle, underline or dot-paint the focus letter in each word.
These coloring pages can be bound into a booklet too. If this is something you would like to do, I have included a cover sheet you can use.
You can use the colored posters as flashcards; simply reduce the size when printing! If you are printing 4 pages on one piece of paper, you can punch a hole in the top left corner of each flash card and secure them with a key ring and hang them in your alphabet or word work center.
* This unit contains some duplicate pages to accommodate Australian and American spelling.
* Additional pages have been added for different letter formations for some of the letters.
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