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Make learning numbers fun with the Crayon Box Number Match (1-10) activity. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten, this interactive set helps children identify and match number representations to the correct crayon box, enhancing early numeracy and fine motor skills.


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Make learning numbers interactive and fun with the Crayon Number Match activity for numbers 1-10. This engaging set helps children identify and match number representations to the correct crayon box, making it an excellent tool for early numeracy skills development.

How to Use:
  1. Print and laminate: Print the pages and laminate them for durability.
  2. Cut out pieces: Carefully cut out all the pieces, including the crayons and crayon boxes.
  3. Assemble the crayon box: Cut along the dashed lines on the crayon box template. To assemble, tape the sides and bottom, leaving the top open for the crayons to go in.
Activity goal:

Children will identify and match number representations (numerals, dots, or other visuals) to the corresponding crayon box. Begin with a few numbers to build familiarity and confidence, then gradually introduce more numbers as they progress.

  • Numbers 1-10: Comprehensive set covering the essential early numbers.
  • Hands-on learning: Encourages active participation and engagement.
  • Durable: Laminate for repeated use, ideal for classrooms and homeschooling.
  • Interactive: The crayon box assembly adds an extra layer of fun and practicality.
  • Number recognition: Helps young learners recognize and differentiate between numbers 1-10, enhancing early numeracy skills.
  • Fine motor skills: Handling small pieces supports fine motor development.
  • Gradual learning: Easily adjust the difficulty by introducing more numbers as children become more confident.

Perfect for preschool and kindergarten settings, the Crayon Number Match activity offers a creative and effective way to boost early numeracy skills.

Happy Teaching 🙂

IMPORTANT: This resource is included in the Back to School Preschool Center Activities pack. Do not purchase this resource if you have previously bought the packet as you already own it!



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Number Match Crayon Box 1-10 | Printable Activity for Preschool and KindergartenCrayon Box Number Match 1-10