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Engage young learners with the Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets and Activities. This book offers 22 fun and educational activities, including tracing, matching, cutting, and pasting. Perfect for developing early literacy, math, and fine motor skills in Preschool and Kindergarten children.


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Introduce young learners to the exciting world of dinosaurs with the comprehensive Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets and Activities, perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten children. This collection of 22 worksheets is designed to develop foundational skills through engaging, hands-on activities.

Dinosaur Preschool Fine Motor Skills:

  1. Pre-writing Tracing Practice

    Children trace lines on the page, moving from left to right.

  2. Dinosaur Picture Tracing

    Children trace over the dots to complete dinosaur pictures and then color them.

Dinosaur Preschool Literacy Worksheets:

  1. Alphabet Tracing (3 pages)

    Children color pictures and trace upper and lower case letters using letters with directional arrows as guides.

  2. Upper and Lower Case Letter Match (6 pages)

    Children match upper case letters to the correct lower case letters on dinosaur eggs.

  3. Write the Missing Letters (2 pages)

    Children fill in the missing letters on empty dinosaur eggs.

  4. Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste (13 pages)

    Children cut pictures from the bottom of the page and paste them next to the correct letter on the dinosaurs.

  5. Pre-primer Sight Word Match Cut and Paste (10 pages)

    Children cut word tiles from the bottom of the page and paste them next to the matching dinosaur.

  6. Emergent Reader “Dinosaur Rainbow” (color, B&W) & Comprehension Sheet

    Assemble by cutting each page in half and stapling on the left side. Includes a colored version for classroom use. Two comprehension sheets: one with picture clues and one without.

Dinosaur Preschool Math Worksheets:

  1. Number Tracing

    Children color pictures and trace numbers using directional arrows as guides.

  2. How Many Are There Dot It! (2 pages)

    Children count pictures in each box and color the circle with the correct number.

  3. Dinosaur Ten Frame Cut and Paste Numbers (2 pages)

    Children count items in each ten frame, then cut and paste numbers next to the correct frames.

  4. Missing Numbers Cut and Paste

    Children complete the number sequence by cutting and pasting pictures.

  5. Write the Missing Numbers (1-10)

    Children write missing numbers in empty boxes.

  6. Count and Graph to 5 (2 pages)

    Children count and graph the pictures.

  7. Cut and Paste Number Order (2 pages)

    Children cut out squares and arrange them in order (1 to 5 and 6 to 10) to reveal a hidden picture.

  8. Dinosaur Patterns Cut and Paste (AB, ABB, ABC) (3 pages)

    Children identify patterns and cut and paste pictures accordingly.

  9. How Tall Are They?

    Children measure pictures using the provided egg strip.

  10. Sorting Dinosaurs by Size Cut and Paste

    Children sort and paste pictures in correct size order.

  11. Which Is Heavier?

    Children color one of two pictures to show which object is heavier.

  12. Positional Words (over/in/in front/behind)

    Children color the correct picture to show its position.

  13. Dinosaur Shapes Cut and Paste (triangle, rectangle, circle, square, 2 pages)

    Children cut and paste pictures into the correct sections.

  14. Dinosaur Head and Tail Match

    Children match and paste dinosaur tails next to the correct heads.

The Dinosaur Preschool Worksheets and Activities packet is perfect for classroom settings, homeschooling, and literacy centers. It  provides an interactive and engaging way for children to develop early literacy, math, and fine motor skills.
Happy Teaching 🙂
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