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February Writing Journal Prompts


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The Writing Journal Prompts packet for February contains many fun and engaging writing prompts for beginning writers. Students will have the opportunity to practice a variety of writing styles and skills, including: writing lists, labeling pictures, writing narrative text, writing procedural/how to text, writing an opinion text, writing poems and letters.


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February Writing Journal Prompts

This book contains a collection of writing journal prompts for February. The simple prompts are ideal for beginning and struggling writers in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2.
*** American and Canadian (Australian) spelling included ***
Cover page (page 5)
Draw and label (pages 6-8)
  • George Washington
  • Groundhog
  • Tooth
List writing (pages 9-11)
  • Things I love
  • Foods that are good for my teeth
  • Things I will do before I am 100 years old
How to / procedural writing (pages 12-17)
  • How To Wake the Groundhog (with and without pictures)
  • How To Make a Valentine (with and without pictures)
  • How To Brush Your Teeth (with and without pictures)
Writing prompts with pictures (pages 18-27)
  • Groundhogs can
  • If I were a groundhog in my burrow, I would
  • On Valentine’s Day I will give
  • I can show someone I care by
  • In the first 100 days of school I
  • If I had 100… , I would
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • We use our teeth to
  • I can keep my teeth clean
Opinion writing with pictured choices (pages 28-30)
  • I hope the groundhog (sees or doesn’t see) his shadow because…
  • I like (candy or chocolate) best because…
  • I would rather have teeth like (a shark or an elephant) because…
Opinion writing II (pages 30-33)
  • The best Valentine color is … because
  • My favorite day of school so far was… because
  • The best way to take out a wobbly tooth is… because
Narrative writing (pages 32-37)
  • Describing groundhogs (sentence writing)
  • Write a sentence to match the picture (boy making a Valentine)
  • Write a story to match the picture (kids calling into groundhog’s burrow)
  • Write a story to match the picture (at the dentist)
Narrative writing II (pages 38-42)
  • Love is
  • If I had a pet groundhog
  • I was walking to school when all of a sudden my shadow stopped and said
  • If I had a top hat, I would keep
  • If I were the tooth fairy
Acrostic poem (page 43)
  • February
Letter writing to my teacher (page 44)
Additional page with handwriting lines (page 45)
Happy Teaching 🙂
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February Writing Journal Prompts. Includes a variety of text types: writing lists, labelling, procedures, opinion pieces, narrative text, letters and acrostic poems.February Writing Journal Prompts