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Enhance your child’s math skills with our FREE number flash cards. Engaging and effective, these flash cards make learning fun.


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Introduce your preschooler to numbers with our fun and educational Printable Number Flash Cards! This set includes cards displaying the numbers 1-10, featuring three visual aids for each number: numerals, counting dots, and fingers showing the corresponding number. These flash cards are perfect for helping young children develop number recognition, counting skills, and early math foundations.


How to Print:
  1. Click on the “Download” button to access the PDF file.
  2. Open the file using a PDF reader on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Select the print option in your PDF reader.
  4. Choose your printer and ensure the settings are adjusted to “Fit to Page” for the best results.
  5. Print the flash cards on cardstock for durability or regular paper if cardstock is unavailable.
How to Set Up:
  1. Cut and laminate the cards: Carefully cut out each flash card along the dotted lines. (Optional: Laminate the printed cards for extra durability and long-term use.)
  2. Organize the Cards: Arrange the cards in numerical order or shuffle them for a randomized practice session.
  3. Prepare a learning space: Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you and your child can sit together and focus on the flash cards.
How to Use:
  • Introduce the numbers: Start by showing each card to your child, pointing out the numeral, counting dots, and fingers displayed.
  • Counting practice: Encourage your child to count the dots and fingers on each card aloud. This reinforces number recognition and counting skills.
  • Number recognition games: Play simple games such as matching the numeral to a set of objects, finding the card that matches a spoken number, or arranging the cards in order.
  • Interactive learning: Ask your child questions like “Can you show me 3 fingers?” or “How many dots do you see on this card?” to make the learning process interactive and engaging.
  • Daily practice: Use the flash cards regularly to reinforce learning and build your child’s confidence with numbers.

Happy Teaching 🙂


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