July Writing Journal Prompts

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The Writing Journal Prompts packet for July contains many fun and engaging writing prompts for beginning writers. Students will have the opportunity to practice a variety of writing styles and skills, including: writing lists, labeling pictures, writing narrative text, writing procedural/how to text, writing an opinion text, writing poems and letters.


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Introducing our July Writing Journal Prompts, designed for young learners in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2. This collection features a variety of engaging prompts including list writing, procedural guides, and narrative storytelling. With options for Canadian and American spelling, it’s perfect for developing writing skills throughout the month.

Cover page (page 5)
Draw and label (pages 6-8)
  • man going on vacation
  • transportation
  • boy fishing
List writing (pages 9-11)
  • Best places to visit in the summer
  • Carnival rides
  • Things to pack when you co camping
How to / procedural writing (pages 12-17)
  • How to Catch a Fish (with and without pictures)
  • How to go Backyard Camping (with and without pictures)
  • How To Make S’mores (with and without pictures)
Writing prompts with pictures (pages 18-27)
  • My favorite thing to do on the 4th of July is
  • On summer vacation I would like to go
  • The best way to travel during summer vacation is
  • At the fair, I like to eat
  • Some rides at the carnival
  • In my picnic basket
  • At the camping ground
  • When we go hiking
  • When we go fishing
  • The thing I miss most about school
Opinion writing with pictured choices (pages 28-30)
  • I would rather sleep (in a tent or at a hotel) because…
  • I would rather eat a (burger or hot dog) because…
  • When I go camping, I would rather (go hiking or go fishing) because…
Opinion writing II (pages 30-33)
  • The best thing about our country is… because
  • My favorite carnival ride is… because
  • My favorite thing to cook on a campfire is… because
Narrative writing (pages 32-37)
Describing father

  • Describing carnivals (sentence writing)
  • Write a sentence to match the picture (boy setting up tent)
  • Write a story to match the picture (family on a picnic)
  • Write a story to match the picture (children at the camping ground at night)
Narrative writing II (pages 38-42)
  • When the fireworks started going off
  • We were on the roller coaster when all of a sudden
  • The watermelon in our garden grew so big that
  • If I lived in a tent
  • If I found a magic picnic blanket
Acrostic poem (page 43)
  • July
Simile poem (page 44)
  • Summer
Letter writing to your teddy bear inviting him on a picnic (page 45)
Additional page with handwriting lines (pages 46)
Happy Teaching 🙂
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July Writing Journal Prompts. Includes a variety of text types: writing lists, labelling, procedures, opinion pieces, narrative text, letters and acrostic poems.July Writing Journal Prompts
Original price was: $3.60.Current price is: $1.80.