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August Writing Journal Prompts


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The Writing Journal Prompts packet for August contains many fun and engaging writing prompts for beginning writers. Students will have the opportunity to practice a variety of writing styles and skills, including: writing lists, labeling pictures, writing narrative text, writing procedural/how to text, writing an opinion text, writing poems and letters.


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August Writing Journal Prompts

This book contains a collection of writing journal prompts for August. The simple prompts are ideal for beginning and struggling writers in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2.
*** American and Canadian (Australian) spelling included ***
Cover page (page 5)
Draw and label (pages 6-8)
  • person template
  • things you will need for school
  • what you would like to have inside your lunch box
List writing (pages 9-11)
  • My favorite things
  • Toppings for the best pizza
  • Things I like about school
How to / procedural writing (pages 12-17)
  • How to Make Jelly Toast (with and without pictures)
  • How to go Start the School Day (with and without pictures)
  • How To Pack a Lunch (with and without pictures)
Writing prompts with pictures (pages 18-27)
  • My favorite color
  • My favorite food
  • My favorite fruit
  • My favorite animal
  • For breakfast
  • I like to
  • I am good at
  • The weather today
  • At school I will need
  • Going back to school makes me feel
Opinion writing with pictured choices (pages 28-30)
  • I would rather (read books or watch movies) all day because…
  • I would rather drink (milk or juice) because…
  • I would rather travel to school (in a hot air balloon or bay airplane) because…
Opinion writing II (pages 30-33)
  • I am a nice person because…
  • When I am alone, I like to… because
  • The thing I like most about my new teacher is… because
Narrative writing (pages 32-37)
  • Describing my family (sentence writing)
  • Write a sentence to match the picture (girl feeding birds at the park)
  • Write a story to match the picture (boy flying with a bunch of balloons)
  • Write a story to match the picture (family at the airport during summer)
Narrative writing II (pages 38-42)
  • Something that makes me smile
  • I am sad when
  • If I had a magic school chair
  • If I found a treasure map hidden in my classroom
  • If I could be any book character
Acrostic poem (page 43)
  • August
Simile poem (page 44)
  • First day of School
Letter writing to your teacher telling him or her something about yourself (page 45)
Additional page with handwriting lines (pages 46)
Happy Teaching 🙂
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