Learning Folder for 3-5 | Toddler Binder: Shoelace Tying


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This shoelace tying Learning Folder or  Toddler Binder activity is the perfect addition to your toddler or preschool Busy Book.


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Learning Folder for 3-5 | Toddler Binder: Shoelace Tying

About this book
This book contains a shoelace tying activity.
Directions for preparation
This resource has been created for use in a binder or folder, but can be used however you see fit.
To prepare the activity for use, simply print and laminate all the pages. Cut out the shoes on the end pages. Leave the first pages intact as they will form the base for the activity. Attach transparent velcro dots to the shoes you cut out and the shoes on the base pages. Use a hole punch to make holes in the cut-out shoes and then thread shoelaces through them. Attach them to the base or use on their own. Use the directional card included to teach your child how to tie their shoelaces.
Ideas for use
  • Threading practice on cut-out shoes.
  • Shoelace tying practice.
  • Learning left and right: ask your child to show you which is the left shoe and which is the right shoe.
 Happy Teaching 🙂


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Learning Folder Shoelace TyingLearning Folder for 3-5 | Toddler Binder: Shoelace Tying