Pumpkins Word Wall for Writing Centers


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The Pumpkins Word Wall packet is an ideal resource for your writing center. Included in this packet are large classroom cards, word lists that can be placed inside a binder or file folder and word work pages to ensure your students are interacting with the word wall.


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Pumpkins Word Wall for Writing Centers

This Pumpkins Word Wall packet includes:
  • a word list to go inside a student binder or inside a file-folder
  • large classroom word wall cards (optional background: color or white)
  • thematic word work pages
  • blank pages for you to write your own words
Classroom word walls are a fantastic tool for learning new vocabulary. It is also beneficial to equip each child with a personal word list so that they can add their own words to it and keep it when the seasonal words are removed from the classroom wall. A copy of the words can also be kept in the word work or writing center.
Directions for use
Personal word list
Print the pages included the first section of this packet, put them inside plastic sleeves and then into student binders. Alternatively, the pages can be glued into a notebook. If you would like your students to order the words alphabetically, have them cut the words and paste them accordingly into their books. Blank squares have been included so that students can add their own words.
Word work or writing center file-folder word list
Print the cover page and paste it on the front of the folder. Next, print the word list pages included in the first section of this packet and paste them on the middle pages of the folder. Lastly, print the Word Work Task page and glue it on the back of the folder – please note this should only be used if you intend to use the worksheets I have provided.
Classroom word wall cards
Select the set you’d like to use (colored background or white background) and print it along with the title page. Cut out the vocabulary cards you wish to use and laminate them for durability. Display them on your classroom wall.
Words included in the Pumpkins Word Wall packet
  1. pumpkin
  2. seeds
  3. stem
  4. skin
  5. rib
  6. fibrous strands
  7. pulp
  8. vine
  9. flower
  10. leaf
  11. tendril
  12. green
  13. orange
  14. yellow
  15. big
  16. small
  17. vegetables
  18. pumpkin patch
  19. wagon
  20. crate
  21. hay ride
  22. corn maze
  23. hay
  24. family
  25. photo
  26. canned pumpkin
  27. pumpkin pie
  28. pumpkin soup
  29. pumpkin butter
  30. pumpkin bread
  31. pumpkin cupcake
  32. pumpkin donut
  33. pancakes
  34. roasted seeds
  35. latte
  36. jack-o-lantern
  37. carve
  38. weigh
  39. carry
  40. pick
Happy Teaching 🙂
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Pumpkins Word Wall For Writing CentersPumpkins Word Wall for Writing Centers