Sight Words Build a Word Booklets


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This digital download includes 40 pre-primer sight word cut and paste booklets. Students will build the sight word on each page and then write it on the handwriting line.


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Sight Words Build a Word Booklets

About this book
This book contains 40 pre-primer Build-a-Sight-Word cut and paste booklets intended for use with children in Preschool, Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1.
Directions for use
The pages in this unit can be printed to match your weekly spelling words. For each week, print the cover of your choice and the pages that contain the sight words you will be working on. Cut the pages in half, making sure to leave the letter tiles on the right hand side intact, and then staple them together to make a booklet. Alternatively, you can hand out the loose pages and ask children to put them in alphabetical order and then staple together.
The aim of this activity is for children to write the sight word in focus on the line provided, then to build it using the letter tiles on the right hand side. I have also included a writing page (the page with only handwriting lines) which can be printed on to the back so that children can copy the sentence on the page, or make their own.
Words included
  1. a
  2. and
  3. are
  4. at
  5. away
  6. big
  7. can
  8. come
  9. down
  10. find
  11. for
  12. funny
  13. go
  14. help
  15. here
  16. I
  17. in
  18. is
  19. it
  20. jump
  21. like
  22. look
  23. make
  24. me
  25. my
  26. need
  27. not
  28. play
  29. run
  30. said
  31. see
  32. that
  33. the
  34. to
  35. up
  36. we
  37. went
  38. with
  39. where
  40. you
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