Sight Words Play Dough Mats


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This packet contains 40 pre-primer sight word mats for use with play dough, erasable markers or any way you see fit.


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Sight Words Play Dough Mats

About this book
This book contains 40 play dough mats featuring pre-primer high frequency words from the Dolch Sight Word lists.
Directions for use
To prepare the play dough mats for use, print the pages you wish to use and laminate them for durability. Children roll long snake dough pieces and use them to form the letters on the cards.
While my aim in creating this sight words unit was for it to be used play dough, there are other uses for the cards, such as:
  1. Alphabet order Floor Puzzles – children place the words in alphabetical order.
  2. Alphabet sorting Game – children group together the words that start with the same letter.
  3. Number sorting Game – children group the words together by the number of letters in the word.
  4. Find-the-pair Game – print 2 copies and you can play a giant matching game! Turn the cards upside down and children take turns in flipping over 2 cards – if it’s a match, the child keeps the cards, if not, the cards are turned upside down again. Game play continues until all the cards have been matched. The child with the most pairs wins!
  5. Writing practice cards – print smaller versions of each card (such as 2 cards per page, or even 4 cards per page), laminate them for durability and cut apart. Children practice writing and re-writing the sight word each card with a dry-erase marker.
  6. Make a sentence – children use the word and picture on the mat to make a sentence.
Words included
  1. a
  2. and
  3. are
  4. at
  5. away
  6. big
  7. can
  8. come
  9. down
  10. find
  11. for
  12. funny
  13. go
  14. help
  15. here
  16. I
  17. in
  18. is
  19. it
  20. jump
  21. like
  22. look
  23. make
  24. me
  25. my
  26. need
  27. not
  28. play
  29. run
  30. said
  31. see
  32. that
  33. the
  34. to
  35. up
  36. we
  37. went
  38. with
  39. where
  40. you
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