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Free Apple Number Flash Cards 1-10


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The Free Apple Number Flash Cards 1-10 includes a digital download for number 1-10. It also includes an apple mat that shows the apple cut in half for children to use to count real apple seeds.

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Free Apple Number Flash Cards 1-10

Let the fun and learning begin with these beautifully designed free Apple Number Flash Cards 1-10! This set includes numbers 1 through 10, making it the perfect tool for early counting and number recognition. The simple yet elegant design features yellow, red and green apples. Your child will love the visual experience of counting along with these cards.

But these flash cards offer more than just numbers and pretty images. Each card also displays the number and number word, helping your child to not only recognize numbers, but also learn how to read and spell them

This digital download is more than just a learning activity – it’s a sensory experience. It includes an apple mat displaying the apple cut in half. This unique addition allows for hands-on learning as children can use real apple seeds to count out on the mat. The apple mat also serves as a tool for imaginative play. Children can use it as a background for creating their own apple orchards or for role-playing as a farmer. The possibilities are endless.

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