Sight Words Build a Sentence Center Activity

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Enhance reading and writing skills with the Sight Words Build a Sentence Center Activity. This activity book features 40 pre-primer sight words, printable materials for pocket chart centers, cut and paste worksheets, and answer cards.


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The Sight Words Build a Sentence Center Activity pack is designed to enhance sentence-building skills using 40 pre-primer sight words. Intended for children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1, it includes printable materials for pocket chart centers, cut and paste worksheets for table work, and answer cards.

  • 4-word sentence building printables
  • Word/picture cards for pocket chart center
  • Cut and paste worksheets
  • Answer cards for self-checking
Directions for Use:

There are multiple ways to utilize this unit to cater to different learning levels and styles:

1. Build a Sentence Pocket Chart Center:
  • Print and laminate: Print the word/picture cards (pages 6-19) and laminate them for durability.
  • Cut out cards: Cut along the dotted lines to separate them. Each card is numbered to indicate the sequence within a sentence.
  • Arrange cards: Children arrange the cards to form sentences, then check their answers using the answer cards (pages 37-50). For beginners, start with the answer cards as guides and gradually encourage independent sentence building.
2. Cut and Paste Word Work:
  • Print worksheets: Use the cut and paste worksheets (pages 20-33) for seated table work.
  • Cut and arrange: Children cut out the cards and arrange them to form sentences, checking their work with the answer cards.
  • Create booklet: Use the included booklet (pages 33-35) for pasting sentences in correct order, followed by handwriting practice. Alternatively, paste sentences on the response sheet (page 36) or a blank piece of paper.
Versatile Use:

These worksheets can be used with the entire class, in small groups, or individually. They can also be assigned as homework to reinforce sight words and vocabulary learned in the classroom.

Ideal for:
  • Preschool and Kindergarten settings
  • Small group activities
  • Individual practice
  • Homework assignments

Happy Teaching! 🙂

Words included:
  1. a
  2. and
  3. are
  4. at
  5. away
  6. big
  7. can
  8. come
  9. down
  10. find
  11. for
  12. funny
  13. go
  14. help
  15. here
  16. I
  17. in
  18. is
  19. it
  20. jump
  21. like
  22. look
  23. make
  24. me
  25. my
  26. need
  27. not
  28. play
  29. run
  30. said
  31. see
  32. that
  33. the
  34. to
  35. up
  36. we
  37. went
  38. with
  39. where
  40. you
Sentences included
  1. I see a rainbow.
  2. I see a bat and ball.
  3. Are you a doctor?
  4. He is at school.
  5. The dog went away.
  6. The elephant is big.
  7. Can you see Santa?
  8. Come to the park!
  9. Go down the slide!
  10. Find the paint, Jan!
  11. Is it for me?
  12. The giraffe is funny.
  13. We can go shopping.
  14. I can help dad.
  15. Here is the cupcake!
  16. I see a pig.
  17. Are toys in here?
  18. The apple is red.
  19. It is a koala!
  20. The frog can jump.
  21. I like pink flowers.
  22. Look at the bus!
  23. I can make lemonade.
  24. Is that for me?
  25. That is my sandwich.
  26. I need my jacket!
  27. Horses are not blue!
  28. We can play baseball.
  29. Pat likes to run.
  30. “Look here!” said Bob.
  31. I see a farmer.
  32. That is my book!
  33. The hat is green.
  34. Kip went to school.
  35. The kite is up.
  36. We like to ice skate.
  37. I went to bed.
  38. Ben is with Sam.
  39. Where is the flamingo?
  40. Are you a fire fighter?
Happy Teaching 🙂


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Sight Words Build a Sentence Center ActivitySight Words Build a Sentence Center Activity
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