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August Math Word Problems (within 10)


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The August Math Word Problems contains 4 separate center activities: crayons in the crayon box, children on the school bus, drawings in the binder, food items in the lunchbox. Each activity contains worded addition and subtraction problems that students will need to work out using the manipulatives included.


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August Math Word Problems (within 10)

This digital download contains four center activity sets of addition and subtraction math word problems. Each of the four sets includes: an activity card with printable manipulatives, 4 worded addition problem cards, 4 worded subtraction problem cards, and a recording page. These word problems are very simple and are intended for use with children in 1st and 2nd Grades, but can also be used with Kindergarten (Prep) students who can read.
  • Addition wording: How many altogether?
  • Subtraction wording: How many are left?
Activity themes included
  • Crayons in the crayon box
  • Children on the school bus
  • Drawings in the binder
  • Food items in the lunchbox
Directions for use
To prepare each activity for use, print the activity card, manipulatives and math problems onto cardstock and laminate for durability. Cut along the dashed lines. Print the matching recording page and store together with center activity pieces.
Children begin by reading the problem on a given card. Next, they use the activity card and manipulatives to work out the math problem. Then, they complete the recording page to show their working out. Children can complete each section or particular sections that are requested by the teacher.
Optional: provide children with counting cubes to help with problem solving and to see the number representation in a more concrete manner as they complete the worksheet.
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