Foldable Alphabet Activity Books: A-Z

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Introduce your child to essential alphabet skills with our Foldable Alphabet Activity Books: A-Z. Featuring 26 single-page foldable booklets, each page includes tracing, picture identification, and letter recognition tasks, making early literacy fun and interactive.


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The Foldable Alphabet Activity Books: A-Z includes 26 single-page foldable booklets, ideal for children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1. Each booklet is crafted to support young learners in developing essential alphabet skills through fun and interactive activities.

Directions for Use:

Creating each foldable booklet is simple:

  1. Fold the page in half horizontally.
  2. Fold it again vertically. No cutting or stapling is needed, making the process quick and mess-free.
Activities in Each Booklet:
  • Tracing Letters: Children trace both the upper and lower case focus letters to practice writing.
  • Picture Identification: Identify pictures that begin with the focus letter, reinforcing letter-sound associations.
  • Letter Recognition: Spot the written focus letter in both upper and lower case, enhancing letter recognition skills.

Perfect for classrooms and homeschooling, these foldable alphabet activity books offer a hands-on approach to learning the alphabet, making early literacy engaging and effective.

Happy Teaching! 🙂

IMPORTANT: This resource is included in the Phonics Letter of the Week MEGA BUNDLE. Do not purchase this resource if you have previously bought the packet as you already own it!



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Foldable Alphabet Activity Books: A-ZFoldable Alphabet Activity Books: A-Z
Original price was: $3.20.Current price is: $1.60.