FREE Thanksgiving Printable Sight Word Flip Book Readers with worksheets

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Reader

What better way to introduce the Thanksgiving holiday to your young students than with a FREE printable Thanksgiving reader! Your children will have so much fun coloring the beautiful pictures while they revise sight words and learn new holiday-related vocabulary words. To save on paper, I have deisgned this reader to be printed on only one piece of paper in the format of a flip book. Some assembly is required, but your children should be able to do this on their own. As I am aware that not all children like to color in, or a colored version suits your teaching context better, I have also included a colored version. Use one, or use both versions!

FREE Thanksgiving Printable Sight Word Flip Book Readers with worksheets
FREE Thanksgiving Printable Sight Word Flip Book Readers with worksheets

The reader in this free download focuses on Thanksgiving family traditions and activities. Each activity is introduced by the predictable starter sight word sentence: “We like to…” The activities included here are: cook, drink, walk, hug and give thanks.

Thanksgiving Reader: Sight Word Practice Page

FREE Thanksgiving Flip Book with sight word writing

After your children have finished coloring and reading their Thanksgiving reader, they can then complete the sight word practice page included. They begin by tracing the focus sight word several times. After that, they write four sentences from their reader. The focus sight word for this particular flip book reader is “we.”

While this writing page seems so simple, children are building the foundational skills necessary for successful writing for later on. They are learning to write sight words, use capital letters, punctuation and spaces between words.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompt

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to help your children focus on things that they are thankful for. To help promote an attitude of thankfulness, I have also included a writing prompts that begins with, “I am thankful.”

FREE Thanksgiving Flip Books Printable Readers with worksheets and writing prompt

Download here!

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