Winter Sentence Scramble Pocket Chart Center Activity with Cut and Paste Worksheets

Winter Sentence Scramble

The Winter Sentence Scramble packet contains a set of printable pocket chart cards and differentiated cut and paste sentence building worksheets. Included are 22 winter-themed simple sentences for children to unscramble. A scrambled sentence is a sentence that is in the wrong order and doesn’t make sense. Your students will need to reorder the sentence so that it makes sense.  As children use the contents of this packet, they will recognize that sentences begin with capital letters and end with punctuation marks, such as full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.

Winter Sentence Scramble Pocket Chart Cards
Winter Sentence Scramble Pocket Chart Cards

To download FREE pages from the Winter Sentence Scramble packet, click on the link below. To purchase the COMPLETE 72-page resource, scroll to the end of this post to obtain a link to my online store.

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The differentiated cut and paste worksheets come in two versions. The first version is created for children who are ready to order sentences independently and offers no support . The second version contains the sentence written correctly and children simply copy the text as they glue the words on the page. As an extension, you could ask students to identify the nouns, verbs or adjectives in a given sentence by coloring them a specific color.

Winter Sentence Scramble Cut and Paste Worksheets

Directions for use

There are a couple of ways you can use the contents of this unit to target the different learning levels of students:

  • Sentence Scramble Pocket Chart Center: Print the word/picture cards and laminate them for durability. Cut along the dotted lines to separate them. Each one is numbered to show the ones that belong together in a sentence. The aim is for children to arrange the cards to build a sentence, and then complete the corresponding cut and paste sheet from the first set of worksheets.
  • Cut and Paste Word Work: This activity is an easier alternative for children who cannot yet build sentences independently; they use the sentence on each page as a guide to order the words correctly. Using the word/picture cards for this activity is optional; set up is as outlined above.

You can use the worksheets in this book can be used while working with the entire class, in small groups, or individually. You can also assign them as homework for additional practice to reinforce sight words and vocabulary learnt in the classroom.

Sentences included in the Winter Sentence Scramble

  1. It is very cold in winter.
  2. I see a snowflake on the window.
  3. My snowman has a blue hat.
  4. She got hit with a snowball.
  5. Did Bob get a red scarf?
  6. Tim has a big snowball.
  7. Can he fish on the ice?
  8. She likes to go sledding.
  9. Pam has green boots.
  10. That boy is good at ice hockey.
  11. We can make a snow fort.
  12. Ken has on blue mittens.
  13. Who put marshmallows in my hot chocolate?
  14. The snowman is melting!
  15. Will the girl make a snow angel?
  16. Bears sleep in the winter.
  17. The arctic fox likes to ski.
  18. The caribou has a shovel.
  19. Is the arctic hare is on the sled?
  20. The penguin has a little egg!
  21. I see a little penguin!
  22. We like to ice skate.

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Winter Sentence Scramble Pocket Chart Center Activity with Cut and Paste Worksheets
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